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LF: apple watch 38mm

Budget: P 5000

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LF: guitar neck

Budget: P 1000

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LF: phone

Budget: P 2500

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Budget: P 10000

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LF: vivo v 5s

Budget: P 14

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LF: andriod phones

Budget: P 2000

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Let the sellers go to you. Lookingfour reverses the online shopping process into something that makes it so much easier to find what you need.

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Are you tired of looking through countless posts by sellers and having to text them or call them one by one? Looking Four solves that for you making it easy and painless, saving you money too! We can also certify our sellers so you can look and feel safe.

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Lookingfour is a marketplace where the sellers look for you

Ever tried looking for something online and had trouble finding it? LookingFour helps you find sellers of the items you need with little effort. LookingFour matches them automatically and notifies sellers about your needs so they can give you the best deals.

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We created this site to be super-easy to use. You can describe even the hardest items to describe with just 2 clicks.

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We give you the best value by telling sellers what you need and every seller interested will just give you their prices so all you need to do is choose the best for you.

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Posting on Lookingfour is Free! We are creating a unique online shopping experience just for you and it's Free!

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Are you tired of contacting sellers? Why no let them contact you instead? Be notified immediately when offers come without lifting a finger.

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Lookingfour automates everything and makes life easier as a buyer so all you need to do is just choose the best offers.

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You are the buyer so you get to choose. People want to make deals with you so you get the best prices.

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Lookingfour will help you find the best deals for you! It's free and safe to post. So try our service and find what you are Lookingfour.

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