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All you need to do is register you items that you want to sell and you are automatically notified when a buyer is searching for the same item.

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LF: apple watch 38mm

Budget: 5000
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LF: guitar neck

Budget: 1000
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LF: phone

Budget: 2500
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Budget: 10000
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LF: vivo v 5s

Budget: 14
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LF: andriod phones

Budget: 2000
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Lookingfour is the only site where buyers post what they need and you are notified to sell to them

So you've tried facebook buy and sell groups and have posted elsewhere but nobody notices. Just list your products with us and when a buyer comes along lookingfour your product, you are automatically notified and can make a sale easily.

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Just setup your products and you are done. The system takes care of everything.

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Selling on Lookinfour is free. No commissions or hidden charges.

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You get automatic notifications when a buyer searches for your product. This means you have higer chance of making a sale.

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Selling things online can take so much time and effort. Lookingfour makes it so much easier. Because you are a smart seller, We want to help you sell things in a smart new way.

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